How to register online

 How to register online?

MDIS Tashkent accepts applications online.  After the deadline of admission, no other applications and documents will be accepted. 

(Applicants who wish to register online at MDIS Tashkent campus may visit the institute right after the Covid-19 Quarantine is cancelled)

Applicants must fill in the electronic application in the English language at  to register online which consists of:

1. Terms of agreement: Applicant must read and acknowledge the MDIS Tashkent Admission Committee rules and regulations before applying to the program.

2Personal Information: Applicant must fill in the electronic application on his/her information and must upload required documents.

a) Name, Surname and Given Name;

b) Birth Day/Month/Year;

c) Passport details;

d) Permanent address;

e) Valid e-mail address;

f) Valid contact number (cell phone and home phone);

g) Passport (including permanent registration page of the passport) in  

    PDF format;

h) Photo (3.5X4.5 sized) in JPEG format.

3. Parents’ information:  Applicant must fill in all required fields with the information of his/her parents and one contact person in emergency:

a) Full name of parents;

b) Permanent address;

c) Valid contact number (cell phone and home phone);

d) E-mail address (if available);

c) Emergency contact.

4. Education background: Applicant must fill in the electronic application about his/her education background and must upload required documents.

a) Diploma and transcripts with notarized translation into English;

b)  type of educational school he/she graduated:

  • lyceum;
  • college;
  • secondary school.



4. Required documents

Applicants need to upload scanned copies of the following documents while registering online in PDF format:

  • Official letter to Rector (official letter to Rector);

  • Passport (including permanent registration page of the passport) (sample);

  • Diploma and the transcripts with notarized translation into English (sample);

  • IELTS certificate or MDIST English Test (sample);

  • Photo (3.5X4.5 sized) in JPEG format (sample); 

    *at current, MDIS Tashkent accepts the IELTS indicator (BC/IDP) as a part of the entry requirements.

    **applicants are allowed to submit the academic certificates and get conditional approval, but must bring their diplomas prior to the beginning of AY 2020-2021.

Note: Meeting the minimum requirements does NOT guarantee the place at MDIS Tashkent and MDIS Singapore.

Both educational institutions possess a right to enroll the candidates on the merit basis. 

MDIS Tashkent offers the placement to candidates who possess IELTS/MDIS English Test score 6.0 and above at earlier stage of Admission until meeting the set target number (1500).

Candidates with overall score 5.5 IELTS/MDIS English Test will be offered placement upon available vacancies (if any).  

Note: In boarder line cases (with competitors possessing equal overall scores), the first priority will be given to the candidate with higher average score in Diploma of Secondary Education.

The candidates must check the results of the selection on website by inserting their passport series and number.

Note: Results of the selection will not be sent to applicants through SMS or e-mail.