Professional Development Centre

The Professional Development Centre was organized on December 1, 2014 with the aim to combine the work of three departments: 1. Student Career Services 2. Corporate Services 3. Corporate Trainings (Tourism courses, Banking courses)

Each year, Professional Development Centre performs a placement survey of all MDIS Tashkent graduates. The placement information is obtained through the survey and is supplemented by the data obtained directly from students and employers. Over a half of 39 students who graduated in 2010-2011 are currently employed in the enterprise sector followed by about 33% in the banking  sphere and less substantial part in public and industrial sectors. In the following two  years, with the increased number of graduates (189 in 2011-2012 and 188 in 2012-2013) private and industrial sectors retained popularity by employing approximately two thirds of all graduates. In 2013-2015 the number of alumni increased almost tenfold in comparison with the first year of graduation whereas the preferences in employment remained unchanged with the major part being involved in entrepreneurship (43.04%) and industry (36.34%).

MDIST  Career Planning& Development

The MDIS Tashkent Career Centre is intended to assist students in identifying and developing their future career goals through better self-awareness and preparation techniques. Students are encouraged to take confident steps to build their careers through different job seeking strategies and career development workshops and activities which are offered by the Career Centre.

The MDIS Tashkent Career Centre partners employers in their graduate recruitment efforts, and creates many recruitment opportunities such as Career Fairs and Company Recruitment Speeches for both companies and students to be actively engaged in the exploration of careers.



MDIS Tashkent is a supporter of student internships, which provide students with an opportunity to experience a potential career field or a certain company. Diverse internship programmes are arranged by the Career Centre at a regularly basis.

MDIS Tashkent provides the internship opportunities for its current students by offering various internships for the Y1, Y2 and Y3 students who are interested in obtaining a working experience both in local and international companies operating in Uzbekistan.  Internships can be an excellent way for students to acquire necessary skills in a challenging environment provided by employers, as well as an added value to the graduate's CV. Internal statistics shows that graduates who completed internships were offered higher starting salaries by a greater number of employers, as compared to those without internship experience.

Semester-based Internships in Tourism and Hospitality

Semester-based Internship is also the part of the academic curriculum of students studying at the International Hospitality Management Degree programmes. This Internship aims to provide practical workplace experience within the tourism and hospitality industry. Students can undertake a placement in any related industry sector (e.g. hotels, resorts, clubs, government tourism bodies, restaurants, catering and food service operations, private consultancies, airlines, event and conference management, marketing/promotions and special interest tourism operations) in the Republic of Uzbekistan. These units provide an opportunity for students to apply concepts and principles of business management to a workplace setting in the tourism/ hospitality sector and enable students to better appreciate the nature of employment in the industry.

Internship Referrals

In order to receive the internship referral, the successful candidate should fill in a special application form* for further submission to the SSU department. Upon receipt of the written request, the Examination Unit proves the current academic status of the student. Based on the abovementioned document, the Professional Development Centre prepares the referral. The whole procedure is complete within 7 working days.

*kindly refer to the form attached


The current master list for referrals includes (but not limited to) the following organisations:           

  1. ООО "ЛУКОЙЛ Узбекистан Оперейтинг Компани"
  2. “Lotte Tashkent City Palace”
  3. ОАО “Узбекская Республиканская товарно-сырьевая биржа
  4. ЗАО  "General Motors Powertrain - Uzbekistan"
  5. О  "Boris International"
  6. Министерство экономики Республики Узбекистан
  8. АКБ “ Туронбанк”
  9. СП ОАО «Узэлектроаппарат - Электрощит»                                                           
  10. Финансовое Управление Города Ташкент
  12. OOO “City Palace”
  13. Министерство Финансов Республики Узбекистан
  14. Казначейство Министерства Финансов Республики Узбекистан
  15. ГАВК “Узинтеримпэкс" при МВЭСИТ                                                           
  16. Центр по управлению государственными активами
  17. Центр по координации и развития рынка ценных бумаг
  18. Торгово-промышленная палата Узбекистана
  19. СП OOO «Nestle Uzbekistan»
  20. Enter Engeneering” Pte. Ltd. в Республике Узбекистан
  21. АКБ "Микрокредитбанк"
  22. Министерство внешних экономических связей, инвестиции и торговли РУз
  23. АКБ "Asia Alliance Bank"
  24. Национальный Банк Внешнеэкономической Деятельности Республики Узбекистан
  25. OOO “SBAM” Trade
  26. АКБ “Кишлок Курилиш Банк”
  27. «Ипотека-банк»
  28. Ассоциация Лизингодателей Республики Узбекистан
  29. Центр по управлению государственными активами при Государственном комитете РУз по приватизации, демонополизации и развитию конкуренции
  30. АИКБ «Ипак Йули»
  31. ГАК “Узпроммашимпэкс”
  32. «Invest Finance Bank»
  33. Торгово-промышленная палата Узбекистана
  34. «Узавтосаноат»
  35. АО ГАВК "Markazsanoateksport"
  37. "Premium Avto" ООО Автосалон
  38. СП "UzChasys"
  39. Авиакомпании «Turkish Airlines» в РУз                                                                         
  40. АКБ “ Капитал Банк”
  41. Главное управление финансирования социальной сферы и науки Министерства Финансов Республики Узбекистан
  42.  "Aral Sea Operating Company" OOO               
  43. АКБ “Узбекский промышленно-строительный банк”
  44. Торгово-промышленной палата Республики Узбекистан
  45. MAN Auto-Uzbekistan
  46. АК “Узавтосаноат”
  47. Управление Казначейства по Бухарской области
  48. Финансовое Управление Хокимията Андижанской Области
  49. ООО Аудиторская организация "Deloitte & Touche"
  50. АКБ “ Туронбанк”
  51. "ERIELL CORPORATION" Представительство
  52. ДАП “PriceWaterhouse Coopers”
  53. CП АО "British American Tobacco in Uzbekistan"
  55. НХК "Узбекнефтегаз"
  56. АКБ "Hamkorbank"
  57. НК "Uzbekturizm"
  58. Lotte City Hotel New
  59. Uzcarlsberg OOO
  60. MDIS Tashkent