MDIS Tashkent Student Council is a strong, effective and democratic bridge between students and administration. It  is the bridge through which student concerns are brought to the attention of the administrative staff of MDIS Tashkent. Student Council is students' voice in academic, administrative and residential matters at MDIS Tashkent.

Election Results for SC President

It's time to officially announce today's Election results!

The Results of elections, conducted among Bachelor students of MDIS in Tashkent:

Number of valid votes – 740 (out of 736 students)
Number of damaged ballots - 4
Votes for Iskandar Yuldashev from “United Students” -  252
Votes for Muzaffar Akhmadkhonov from “Student Voice” -  90
Votes for Temurbek Abdukhamidov from “Jump” -  394

Temurbek Abdukhamidov from team “Jump” is elected to be a president of Student Council for 2017 - 2018 academic year.

In order to make a fair Election, the process of counting votes was observed and approved by Senior manager, Spirituality and Enlightenment department, Student Service Unit, observer from lecturers and Candidates of each team.

Our sincere Congratulations goes to Temurbek Abdukhamidov and his team " Jump " and we wish good luck in new Academic year with a huge hopes to see an amazing changes in student's life.


Student Council consists of siz (6) sectors, which operate to satisfy students’ needs and ensure the use the provided resources and facilities. Members of the Student Council are authorised to organise and manage clubs and activities such as thematic concerts, film shows, competitions to promote students’ rights and improve the students’ general welfare.

Student Council consists of President, Vice - President and six (6) Executives:

  1. Education Executive;
  2. Recreation and Entertainment Executive;
  3. International Students and Hostel Service Executive;
  4. Sport and Healthcare Executive;
  5. Social Welfare Executive;
  6. Marketing Executive;


The President                                                                                          

Temurbek    Abdukhamidov                                                 President serves as a head and representative of the Students` Council. 
“We love MDIS Tashkent as our own Home, so we are obliged to be responsible, accurate, thankful and respectful towards it”  


Azizbek Keldiyorov Vice-President assists the President to oversee activities of the Students` Counci

Education Sector                                                  


Donokhon Khakimkhodjaeva                                                                  

Education Sector is collaborating with students on enhancing their knowledge by joining senior students

on their quest for better understanding and retention of

course material. “It is the quintessential to help students develop their academic skills,

since our academic life mostly depends on self-study and self-development. Our aim is to 

provide academic support to MDIS Tashkent students and to keep them motivated”



Sport and Healthcare Executive

Jasur Aliev

Sport and healthcare sector’s main goals are to organize health-improving and

friendly competitions and trainings with the use of facilities of campus.

“Sport is Life, Live Your Life and never give up doing sports”

Recreation and Entertainment Executive

Maftuna Atakhanova

Main aim of the sector is to fulfill study process with entertaining and

energizing occasions together with cultural and other important events.

“Making students’ life more interesting and entertaining along with events

with cultural and academic content is primary responsibility of Recreation and Entertainment sector’s executive.”

International Students and Hostel Service Executive

Aziz Zokhidov President serves as a head and representative of the Students` Council. 
“We love MDIS Tashkent as our own Home, so we are obliged to be responsible, accurate, thankful and respectful towards it”

Social Welfare Executive

Rustambek Nuraliev

The main objective of Social Welfare executive is to assist and supervise students with advice,

resolutions and remunerative aids for students under certain circumstances“We create common

beliefs and values for our students. Most of the students would need assistance

in not only academic but social life therefore our main aim is to create an atmosphere

in which each student will be willing to help his or her fellows.

Marketing Sector

David Grigoryan

The target of the Marketing Sector is to assist and contribute to promo campaigns of MDIS Tashkent.

Development of the public spirit of students, making them aware of events along with raising the respect

and esteem towards traditions of MDIS Tashkent also come in department’s duties.

 “As a Marketing Executive my aim is involve the students in upcoming events taking place in and

related to our university.”