Sports Complex Swimming Pool Use Regulations for 2017-2018

1. General Provisions

1.1 These Regulations  are mandatory for all visitors of MDIST Sports Complex Swimming Pool;
1.2 Those who want to use the facilities of Sports Complex have a right  to subscribe to one sport type only;
1.3 Those who want to use the swimming pool should provide the following documents:

        •  Application to the name of Senior Manager on Admission and Students Administration
        • Medical certificate from dermatologist provided to the medical center manager
        • One photo (3x4)

1.4 On reading and signing the given Regulations, a new member is issued a membership card by a Medical Centre Manager, together with the swimming pool instructor;

1.5 This membership card is valid during 1 (one) academic year;
1.6 Sport Centre members have the right to visit the swimming pool no more than twice a week, with every session lasting for 45 minutes;
1.7 The number of visitors per group should not exceed 20 people;
1.8 The Swimming Pool working hours are:

10.00 - 18.00 on weekdays (Monday to Friday);

  During the holidays:

10.00 - 18.00 on weekdays (Monday to Friday);

1.9 Swimming Pool admission is only by membership cards!

2. Sports Complex members have a right to:
2.1 Use the swimming pool in compliance with health and safety regulations as well   as hygiene standards of the swimming pool;

2.2 Use shower facilities;

3. Swimming pool members must:
3.1 Follow safety rules and regulations when using the swimming pool;
3.2 Have personal care products , a change of footwear (flip-flops), rubber cap, bathing suit, swimming goggles, inflatable sleeves (in case the visitor cannot swim);
3.3 Use locker room when changing clothes;
3.4 Take a shower with soap before using the swimming pool;
3.5 Strictly abide by the requirements of a sports assistant;

4. Swimming pool members must not :
4.1 Enter the premises and use the swimming pool without a membership card;
4.2 Enter the swimming pool and showers without special footwear;
4.3 Enter the swimming pool without a sports assistant;
4.4 Jump from the ledges and run around the swimming pool;
4.5 Push other visitors and sink them in water;
4.6 Remain in water after the end of training session;

5. Safety measures in emergency situations:
5.1 Feeling chills, quickly get out of the water and inform the swimming instructor and medical personnel;
5.2 If experiencing convulsions do not get lost. Try to get out of the pool;
5.3 If seeing the sinking person, immediately inform the swimming instructor and medical personnel;
5.4 Notify sports instructor about injuries, accidents and other incidents during training;

6. Sports Complex members:

6.1 Are responsible for compliance with internal regulations (those who fail to follow this order will be deprived of visitation rights);

6.2 Bear responsibility for losing their membership card (sports complex membership will not be renewed);

6.3 Those who were brought to disciplinary committee, are denied the right to visit the sports complex;

6.4 Those who received an unsatisfactory mark on examination, are denied the right to visit the sports complex;

6.5 Those who haven’t fulfilled their contract payment obligations, lose the right to visit the sports complex;

6.6 Those in poor health or suffering acute medical conditions of chronic diseases temporarily lose the right to visit the sports complex;