Business and Marketing Management


Programme title:

Business and Marketing Management

Target award:

BA (Hons)

Interim or exit awards:

  • Undergraduate Certificate of Higher Educationin Business and Marketing Management
  • Undergraduate Diploma of Higher Education in Business and Marketing Management
  • Ordinary Degree in Business and Marketing Management

Awarding body:

University of Sunderland

Programme Assessment Board:

Undergraduate Business and Management Programme Assessment


Accrediting body / bodies (if applicable):

Not available

Mode of delivery and duration:

Course Duration:

Minimum 3 and maximum 9 years academic years  for full-time day delivery programme

Pattern of attendance

Full-time: Monday to Saturday

Mode of Delivery:

This programme will be taught at MDIS Tashkent by MDIS and University of Sunderland approved lecturers

Delivery and Structure:

Face to face delivery and in accordance to UOS Program Specification

Location(s) at which programme is delivered: 

MDIS Tashkent Campus


Students will study 120 credits worth of modules every year, through a combination of modules.

At Stage 1 students will undertake 120 credits of which all modules compulsory and divided between Business and Marketing themed modules:


All Cores:

UGB 160     Essential Study and Employment Skills  (20 credits)
UGB 161     Intro to Marketing    (20 credits)
UGB 162     Intro to HRM and Talent Development   (20 credits)
UGB 163     Intro to Accounting and Finance   (20 credits)
UGB 164     Intro to Managing and Leading People   (20 credits)
UGB 165     Intro to Business Operations and Services   (20 credits)

At Stage 2 students will undertake 120 credits of which all modules are compulsory and equally divided between Business and Marketing themed modules:


All Cores:

At Stage 3 students will undertake 120 credits

UGB 262   Quality Management for Organisational Excellence

(20 credits) 

UGB 264   Business Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability   

(20 credits)    

UGB 260   Personal and Professional Development 

(20 credits)

UGB 267   Integrated Marketing Communications 

(20 credits)

UGB 266   Marketing Management And Metrics

(20 credits)

UGB 265   Digital Marketing 

(20 credits)



All Cores:

UGB 335      Strategic Marketing (20 credits)
UGB 331      Applying Critical Reflective Practice  (20 credits)
UGB 333      Internet Marketing      (20 credits)
UGB 310      Consumer Psychology    (20 credits)
UGB 301      Dissertation  (40 credits)