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Friday Talk with Mr. Umid Mirzaakhmedov

Last Friday, on March 31st our guest of the weekly event Friday Talk was a lawyer, entrepreneur, manager and the owner of Marmalade Bar, Bruno Coffee House, The Three Palms but, above all, simply a very interesting person Mr. Umid Mirzaakhmedov.

The event raised a vast interest among the students due to its peculiar format. This time, our speaker held a workshop and provided an opportunity for the attendants to get a part-time job and become a member of his creative team.

Friday Talk with Sukhrob Akbarov

On 10th of March 2017, MDIS Tashkent organized its weekly event Friday Talk. This time the guest of the event was Mr. Sukhrob Akbarov the leading Uzbekistani bartender with international experience.

During his visit, Mr. Akbarov conducted a seminar where he explained the secrets of bartenders’ profession and touched upon the topic of how to run a successful coffee shop. The second part of the event was held in Tourism Lab and Mr. Akbarov conducted a master class during which he demonstrated different types of cocktails and how to make them.


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