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A visit to the Artel plant

The major purpose of a field trip was to introduce the students of Industrial Management faculty to the bases of equipment manufacturing and production management.

Within the framework of the visit the HR&Personnel development managers Nasiba Rozmetova and Umida Yusupova have skillfully delivered the company presentation, which was followed by a lengthy excurtion across the facilities and production line premises, where students were given a chance to witness a real-life manufacturing process.

Alumni meeting with "Bank Ipak Yuli"

The alumni of MDIS in Tashkent Shukhrat Mamatov, head of control financing of investment projects department at Open Joint-Stock Innovation Commercial "Bank Ipak Yuli", conducted a recruitment speech with MDIST graduates.

The Speech was arranged by the Professional Development Centre to make an opportunity for the graduate students who are studying  "Finance, Investment and Risk", " Banking & Finance",  "Accounting & Finance" for their future career development.

Recruitment Speech by "Agrobank"

On February  16, 2017 Joint Stock Commercial Bank "Agrobank" conducted a recruitment interview with MDIST graduates.

"Agrobank"  Recruitment Speech was arranged by the Professional Development Centre to provide the current  Banking & Finance and Accounting & Finance  students and graduate faculty with the background information on the Bank. The Bank representatives covered the first stage of job interviews where the students were given an opportunity to apply for job and internship.


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