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Friday Talk with Mr. Hikmat Abdurahmanov

On December 21, 2018, MDIS Tashkent hosted a Friday Talk with Mr. Hikmat Abdurahmanov,

a co-founder of humo partners Group, which enumerates a set of companies, offering services to small and medium businesses in Uzbekistan.

Being a successful entrepreneur and a public person, Mr. Abdurahmanov along with his partners, continuously contributes to the development of business and economic reforms in the country.


Professional Thursday with Yuliya Paramonova

On Thursday, December 20th, MDIS Tashkent hosted a Professional Thursday Talk with Ms. Yuliya Paramonova, an associate researcher at the NRU Higher School of Economics in Russia and a senior lecturer at Management development institute of Singapore in Tashkent and. Yuliya Paramonova majored in Political Science at Whittier College, CA (USA) and holds her MA in Business and Management from Westminster International University in Tashkent.

Sarkor Telecom Employment Presentation

On Wednesday, December 19th, MDIS Tashkent hosted the representatives of Sarkor Telecom company – Ms. Jazgul Baymatova and Mr. Sean Lee, who talked about the internship and employment opportunities within the company and about the digital marketing practices implemented within.

The presentations were followed by a Q&A session where students were given consultations on the matter of interest.


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