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Friday Talk with Zafar Khashimov

It was a great honor to organize a Friday Talk with a bright person – Mr. Zafar Khashimov, who is defined as a successful businessman and the founder and CEO of During the conversation, Mr. Khashimov delivered a better sense of leadership style to the audience. Additionally, the guest highlighted significant tips on entrepreneurial success and common mistakes that lead to the failure in a business environment. The students were delighted to talk to Mr.

Vocational programme for the specialists of commercial banks

On November 24, MDIST has commenced another vocational programme for the specialists of commercial banks of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The main objective of a weekly intensive course was to introduce the adult learners to the latest updates in International Financial Reporting Standards, along with Finance and Taxation best practices. The weekly course, skillfully delivered by MDIST tutors, has been successfully completed by all learners. The graduation ceremony was hosted by Mr. Andrew Chew (the Dean, MDIS Singapore).

Meeting with Ombudsman

On Thursday, November 23, MDIS Tashkent students met Ombudsman (the authorized person of the Oliy Majlis for Human Rights). During this meeting, students were given a comprehensive information about human rights convention in general, and the protection of human rights in Uzbekistan.


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