Friday Talk with Mr. Timur Abdullaev

On November 22, MDIS Tashkent hosted a Friday Talk with Mr. Timur Abdullaev, a Restaurateur, the Head and founder of the Restaurant Business Academy, the Representative of Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Russia in Uzbekistan.
Mr. Abdullaev shared his personal success story and talked about how to run a profitable restaurant in a current business environment.

During the session, the guest speaker also focused on the importance of having a good head for business, the skills to motivate others and the drive and energy to succeed.

Guest lecture with Mr. Alessandro Fiorentino

November 18, 2019. MDIS Tashkent warmly welcomed Mr. Alessandro Fiorentino, Member of the Board of Directors at Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria (Sorrento, Italy), an experienced strategy and services marketing professional. The guest talk was organized by MDIS Tashkent Tourism Innovation and Co-learning Center.

Mr. Alessandro Fiorentino shared his personal and professional experience on Services Marketing with the students of International Hospitality & Tourism Management and Applied Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management and MDIS Tashkent staff.

A visit to the city of Yangiabad

November 17, 2019. MDIST Tourism research team visited the city of Yangiabad and @turbaza.yangiabad located in 120 km. from Tashkent to collect data on sports, recreational and leasure tourism. In addition, the team studied the potential of the city in terms of events tourism and discovered strengths and weaknesses that impede the development of local and international tourism in the region.


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