II Millenials' Tourism Festival

The State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Tourism Development hosted the participants of "II Millenials' Tourism Festival" and kindly organized Tashkent and Samarkand city tours.
The State Committee has also offered the participants a concert, which took place in a newly opened Tashkent park “Navruz”. MDIS Tashkent expresses its sincere gratitude to the following representatives of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Tourism Development:
Mr. Temur Mirzaev, the Head of Department for Development of Established types of tourism and Innovations;

Tourism Team Programme. Discover Turkey.

Tourism team programme in action. Apart from the numerous cultural trips made by the members of MDIS Tashkent Tourism Team during the visit to Selcuk University located in Konya, the team members also had Turkish language classes with a truly dedicated professionals - Dr. Meral Doğru and Dr. Mehmet Kaya . Mehmet Kaya has also kindly presented the Turkish Language textbook written by him and academists from the  Turkish Language Teaching and Research Center.

Training of Mohammed Bin Rashid center

August 28, MDIST Tourism Innovation Co-learning Center took part in the training of Mohammed Bin Rashid center for government innovation (UAE) held for representatives of state bodies of Uzbekistan. The training was organized by the Ministry of Innovative development of the Republic of Uzbekistan with the purpose to improve the creative thinking skills and inculcate the culture of innovation into the government employees. At the end of the training, all representatives, including MDIST Tourism Innovation Co-learning Center, were awarded with memorable presents.


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