1. When will the admission of documents start? Starting date, duration?

The admission of documents will start in May and end in July 31.  


2. Can applicant be admitted directly into the Year One if he /she has good grades and IELTS 6.0 or above, but haven’t completed the Foundation Year before at any universities?

Direct admission into Year One of the Degree programme will only be possible for students who have completed at least the Foundation Year/ Year One/ Year Two from accredited higher educational Institution and have the IELTS band score 6.0 or equivalent qualification.


3. If the applicant possess the certificate of IELTS with the band score 5.5 and is ready to pay the contract tuition fee, can she/he study at MDIS Tashkent or he /she should take an additional exam?

Applicant who possesses a valid IELTS Certificate with the required score and is able to pay the contract tuition fee within the required timeframe, will not be required to sit for additional exam.


4. When will the results for Grant be announced?

At least 2 weeks before the start of the Fall Semester. (In September)


5. If the certificate of IELTS has an expiry date in the month of August can the applicant still apply for admission with the existing certificate or the new certificate will be required?

The valid IELTS Certificate submitted to the Admission Committee must be valid on the date of submission. Therefore, there will not be a need for provision of a new IELTS Certificate.


6. How can an applicant enter MDIS Tashkent if he/she hasn’t got any Certificate of English Proficiency?

Applicants who do not possess a Certificate of English Proficiency such as IELTS or equivalent, can register for the free entrance examination at MDIS Tashkent. 


7. When does entrance examination at MDIS Tashkent start ?

The entrance examination starts from 3rd of August at MDIS Tashkent.


8. Does an applicant have to take any other examinations besides English Proficiency Examination?

Applicants are required to take only Entrance Examination determining the proficiency level of English based on their listening, writing, reading and speaking skills. No examinations other than English are required.

9. How many attempts are allowed to take the Entrance Examination?

Applicants can take entrance examination only once a year (August).


10. In the event entrance examination result is low, can applicant retake the examination?

The entrance examination can be taken ONLY once a year.


11. Will it be possible for the applicant with result of 5.5 IELTS or equivalent apply for grant based education?

Any candidate (including grandaunds of MDIS Tashkent Preparatory Courses) can apply for grant based education, however only selective candidates with highest results and achievements will be recommended to obtain the grant based education. In addition, in order to obtain grant based education, the applicant should successfully pass interview with grantor.


12. Can an applicant register for an entrance examination possessing the minimum required IELTS or equivalent  score to improve their results?

Applicants will not be allowed to register for an entrance examination in the case of possessing the minimum required IELTS or equivalent  score. Entrance examination is not provided for improving of results.


13. Who will check the entrance examination question papers?

All Examination Question Papers are checked by the Examination Board of the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS).


14. Will the admission committee members consist of only local members?

Admission committee is composed of MDIS (Singapore) and MDIS Tashkent management team.


15. What documents are required for admission into MDIS Tashkent?

The following documents are required for admission:


Application Form addressed to the Rector of MDIS Tashkent (indicating the programme applied for)


MDIS Tashkent Application Form


Personal Particulars Form


Original Certificate of secondary education or diploma from college and professional school or notarized copy of it.


Original diploma of higher education or notarized copy of it (for people who want to obtain the second higher education)


Document or note certifying the completion of the first or second year of any university and the copy of student’s record book (for those who want to apply for the first year)


Documents mentioned in items 4, 5 and 6 should be translated into English and notarized


Certificate of IELTS or equivalent


Medical Certificate Form #086


6 colored photos with the size 3.5 x 4.5


Passport copy


Copy of military recruitment registration certificate (for male applicants)


16. Is it necessary to bring original documents or copies will be enough?

It is possible to submit certified copies of diploma or certificate of secondary education. However, after admission it is required to bring the original of the documents before the start of classes (Before September 15).


17. Should the documents be translated into English and certified?

Yes, all the documents such as attested copies of secondary education or diploma from secondary and professional school, attested copies of diploma of higher education including all transcripts should be translated into English and notarized unless the documents are originally in English.


18. Can students who finished Foundation or First Year at MDIS Tashkent be enrolled into other universities without sacrificing a year?

Students who finished the Foundation or First Year of MDIS Tashkent can be enrolled at the discretion of admitting university.


19. If the students of MDIS Tashkent want to withdraw after completing Foundation or Year One and apply for other university will they be given any certificate on completion of these modules?

Students who finished the Foundation or Year One of MDIS Tashkent can apply for other universities. Candidates who successfully complete all the modules from Year One and wish to withdraw will be awarded the Undergraduate Certificate of Higher Education depending on the policy of Partner Universities. Similarly for those who successfully finish their Year Two modules and wish to withdraw will be given Undergraduate Diploma of Higher Education depending on the policy of Partner Universities.


20. Can applicants find the sponsor on their own to study on contract basis?

Yes, applicants can find the sponsor on their own.


21. Can a student who studies on grant basis at another university of the Republic of Uzbekistan apply for the Year One at MDIS Tashkent?

The student will be enrolled to the Year One at MDIS Tashkent on contract basis. All the issues concerning his/her grant at the previous university student must settle himself/herself and provide the written confirmation to the Admission Committee of MDIS Tashkent.


22. How many educational grants will be offered for the Academic Year 2014-2015?

According to the demand of grant-makers the number of grants for the Academic Year 2014-2015 will be announced. Only those students who can successfully pass the interview with the grantors will have the chance to study under special grants. The final result pertaining grants will be announced after the interview.


23. Can an applicant submit the required documents to Foundation Programme after completion of Year Two of Academic Lyceum?

A General Education Certificate of Completion (11years compulsory education) or diploma of Academic Lyceum/Vocational College with a Grade of four (4) for Mathematics and overall average grade not less than 4.0 is a must for enrolment to Foundation Year studies.