Mar 21

Spring festival of Navruz which falls on March 21, celebrated at the day when daytime and night are equal, a new solar cycle begins as well as a new astronomical year; thus, consequently the law of renewal enters its strength and traditionally foreshow the rebirth of nature and start of spring, hence the name Navruz means “New Day”. That is why Navruz for Central Asian and Iranian people is the same as the New Year for western part of the world. It is time for preparation of the main ceremonial meal from germinated wheat: sumalak.

Jul 27

Applicants who do not hold IELTS certificates may choose to register for the MDIST English Entrance Test, which will be held from 27th to 29th of July 2016 (NB. Dates are subject to change by MDIS).

Sep 04

The group of Junior and Senior Students (Year 1 & 2) is participating in the special Facilitators Training Programme, which will be held from the 04-07 September 2016.