Management Reviews

Employee commitment and Job satisfaction, Farrukh Esanov (MBA in Finance), CPU Manager (13.03.2018)

The Future of Money in Managing Transactions, Saidislom Saidhonov (MPP in Finance and Economics), Lecturer, Research Associate (18.05.2018)

Cryptocurrency: Everything you wanted to know, Aziza Doniyorova - (BSc in Business and Financial Management) Alumni member (28.05.2018)

Behavioral Factors of Successful Budgeting, Makhmudkhoja Saidkhujaev (MBA in Finance) Alumni member, Leading Financial Specialist at (24.06.2018)

Competitive Environment of Chinese Personal Care industry,  Ibrokhim Mashrabaliev (MBA in Finance) Exam Unit Specialist (10.07.2018) 

General evaluation of Decision making models.  Nozima Makhmudova (Graduate School of Sunderland, MBA in Finance) (28.08.2018)

Economic Regional Integrations as Subsystems of the World Economy  Bakhrom Mirakilov (BSc in Banking and Finance)  (22.09.2018)

How do you Manage the Money of your Pocket?! Barno Yusupi (11.09.2018)

The 21st century leaders.Our Leader, our President! Dilshoda Isroilova (13.10.2018)

Paradox of Leadership in Business Eldorbek Ruziev ( 17.10.2018)