Tourism Video Contest

MDIST Tourism Innovation & Co-learning Center and School of Language & Communication in cooperation with Jizzakh regional department of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Tourism Development announce the start of a video contest for MDIS Tashkent Students.

Contestants shall submit a 2-3-minute video on “5 reasons to visit Jizzakh region” individually or as a team (up to 3 members).

How to Enter:
 Entrants must submit a video (the “Entry”) to Ms. Tatyana (, Head of School of Language and Communication or Ms. Shakhnozakhon (room 219), Tourism Innovation & Co-learning Center, along with a short descriptive text of maximum of 1000 characters in English. The video and the descriptive text must be relevant to the thematic area.

Task description:
-  Find five reasons to visit the Jizzakh region;
-  Provide general information on each of the reasons;
-  If it is a place, where is it located? How to get there? /if it is food, how to cook it?
-  Why do you think your ideas qualify as the Top 5 reasons?
-  What kind of activities can be done there?
-  Interesting facts about the place/food and historical background (if applicable);
-  Useful tips related to visiting the destination.

General Requirements:
1.  Provide the video with the manuscript;
2.  The video should last a maximum of 3 minutes;
3.  Required language is English;
4.  The video should not contain any speech, conversation, or voiceover. Only text is allowed to describe the place/food briefly;
5.  Sound effects and music are allowed, as long as the participant has the right to use and disseminate them;
6.  Participants should post their creative videos on  “5 reasons to visit Jizzakh region” on their social media pages;
7.  Participants should tag the place with an appropriate hashtag (i.e. #VisitUzbekistan  #Jizzakhregion #TourismVideoContest2021 #MDIST).

Technical requirements:
1.  Videos must either be in MOV or mp4 format;
2.  English text (subtitles);
3.  Video length (duration) - 2 to 3 minutes;

First place: One-day trip to Jizzakh region or valuable prize and the Certificate;
Second place:  Valuable prize and the Certificate;
Third place: Souvenirs and the Certificate.

Submit your entries by April 23, 2021.