MDIS Tashkent in collaboration with MDIS (Republic of Singapore) is launching different programmes to enhance the academic excellence. One of the aforementioned programmes is “Student Summer Tour” which has been running since 2015. The main target of organizing such an event is to embrace lifelong learning, ensure the students with high quality programmes and nurture new talents for future economic prosperity.

The following year, 2016, a group of 15 talented students had a chance to take part in the programme and visited Singapore from the 8th of September until the 14th of September. It has to be noted that students were provided with all the facilities they need. Upon their arrival, students made a presentation about Uzbekistan which indeed created a friendly atmosphere among the students of MDIS and MDIS Tashkent. The presentation was purely dedicated in recognition of Uzbekistan which mainly covers people, tradition, economy, agriculture and others. Values customs

Furthermore, visiting Singapore gave an opportunity for students to be able to participate in different master classes, workshops and other educational programs. A noticeable workshop was conducted by one of the best lecturers of MDIS, Mr. Christopher, which students had a lecture on the topic of “The art of finding oneself”. The lecture was informative and in turn reminded students about respect, obligation and responsibility towards their country, society, family, customs and traditions.

Students not only had educational programs but also had time to entertain and explore Singapore. They visited in different modern buildings, exhibitions and sightseeing. For instance, top priority places such as “Universal studios”, “Gardens by the Bay”, “Marina Bay” and “Indian Temple”, where students enjoyed the beauty of Singapore. Visiting those places was indeed full of information where students learn more about culture, people, traditions and national cuisine of Republic of Singapore.