Boris Babayev’s visit

On the 7th of October, Boris Babaev, journalist, project manager at “” paid a visit and conducted Friday Talk session dedicated to the movie “Big Heart of Tashkent” at MDIS Tashkent UniCampus .

The opening speech was delivered by the Dr. Jasur Salikhov and microphone was handed over to Mr. Boris Babaev, who talked about the exploits of Uzbek people during the World War 2 and the history of that time. Then event was preceded by the documentary film.  

The documentary film vividly showed the difficulties faced by refugees and how brave and generous were Uzbek people towards orphans and refugees and treats them as their own family members. Tashkent is the city of salvation. Uzbek people welcomed the unfortunate ones regardless their ethnicity, race, color, religion, and language.

 Participants of Friday Talk were deeply impressed by the movie and felt proud that they are the children of such nation.