Club's fair

The beginning of the every academic year has always been a busy schedule for every MDIS Tashkent student. In a list of students’ plans, Clubs Fair is one of the most expected and wanted one, which was held on 29th of September. Student council in association with relucent students organizes different squads for the welfare of student social life. This year it has been something alike, compared to latter years, more number of clubs were introduces to pupils.

Alliances like “Zakovat”, “Debate”, “Drama”, “Math” continued their existence as fancier of individuals didn’t dim. Apart from above mentioned clubs, the photography club, writers’ club, oratory club, movie club, comedy club, IT club were introduced for potential students to learn new things and liberalize. There were opportunities for youngsters to learn or polish their lingual knowledge with clubs for languages as well.

Except attending the clubs, students were welcome to include and share own ideas with Student Council, by becoming one of their crew. The main aim of such events in UniCampus is to enhance the overall betterment of the university and reveal talents and brilliant minds of students.