Friendly match: MDIS Tashkent - INHA 3:2

  MDIS Campus has welcomed a friendly football match between MDIS Tashkent and INHA Tashkent on the 9th of December, 2016.

  The main purpose of having such competitions on sports is first of all, to have a healthy lifestyle and spend time effectively and efficiently. Simultaneously, such matches among universities improve cooperation and further development of educational institutions not only on education but also other spheres like sport. 

 The game was truly thrilling which all fans supported with great enthusiasm. The match was full of exciting moments which starts from the score of INHA University. At the beginning of the game, INHA University football team was winning, however, the situation has turned out that the game ended as 3:2 with the victory of MDIS Tashkent football team.