Football match

December 12th was the day of hosting 3 matches in one blow in our campus. MDIS Tashkent welcomed the football teams from Turin University, UWED and PRUET. This great sports event was conducted within the SPORTS WEEK in WIUT: 2016 year is a 15th anniversary of this university since it was founded in Tashkent, thus, an enthusiastic Student Union of WIUT shared this brilliant idea to hold such event as Sports Week, uniting a bunch of institutions of Tashkent. The schedule of matches on December 12th was the following:

2.30 - 3.15 pm MDIST vs TURIN
3.20 - 4.05 pm UWED vs PRUET (Plekhanov)
5.10 - 5.55 pm winners of the matches above vs each other
Right at 2 pm the Sports Hall was crowded to the full with the students who had come to support our athletes. The atmosphere was really venturous. Our football team demonstrated a fantastic game and match ended with the score of 10:1 MDIST – TURIN.

The second match was not less exciting, the football players of both UWED and PRUET turned out to be strong and worthy rivals. They finished the game with the score of 9:3 UWED – PRUET.

Finally, two outstanding winners of first and second matches came to the stage to fight to the last. It’s hard to express with words how strongly the students of MDIS Tashkent were cheering for their team. At the beginning the teams were revealing an equal game, creating an extremely glowing atmosphere in Hall.
MDIS Tashkent team started to lead the game during the second half of the match. At last, the victory was on our side. MDIS Tashkent won with the score 6:4 MDIST - UWED. The tribune was filled with an ocean of applause.

The final of the championship will be hosted by WIUT on the Saturday, December 17th, where the football teams of MDIST and WIUT will meet and play against each other.