Alumni meeting

The alumni of MDIS in Tashkent Sayfulla Shakhzod (the founder of Excellent System Group LLC and Director of Kaizen Department at Rastax Group LLC) and Murodjon Turgunov (the founder of Outright Perfection LC) held a Motivational Speech regarding career perspectives for graduate students.

The main purpose of the visit was to share the secrets of being successful and discuss the key elements of the Japanese system of self-improvement - Kaizen. Besides, the alumni guests demonstrated some advanced techniques of MS Excel and explained how those skills can be beneficial for the further career development.

One of the special guests, Elena Kiselyova (the founder of Sava Consult, and the key Kaizen Expert in Uzbekistan, with over 15 years of experience) gave her advice and shared with the audience her experience of implementing the system in one of the hotels of Tashkent city.