534th birth anniversary of Zahiriddin Muhammad Bobur

It is a big pride to note that these days literary and artistic events dedicated to 534th birth anniversary of Zahiriddin Muhammad Bobur are being held in all parts of our country. Round-table conversations and events were held at MDIST campus as well. This time, our guest speaker was Professor Nurboy Jabborov, Doctor of Philology from newly established University of Uzbek language and literature.

It is also important to note that students participated in this event with great excitement. During the conversation participants noted, that Muhammad Bobur’s works had raised cultural and artistic thinking of not only Uzbek people but also people of the whole East to a new level. The study of Bobur’s works prompts people especially young ones to do something good and to love their Motherland.

Dr. Jabborov called Bobur a unique and multifaceted cultural figure. His monumental works still attract researchers and his books are being translated in dozens of languages. Along with the state affairs, Bobur was successfully engaged in science and creativity.

During the conversation, students were especially interested in his great works such as “Boburname” and “Aruz risalesi”. They realized the importance of the heritage left by Bobur, the national pride of people of Uzbekistan, which has a firm place in the world literature and culture.