Friday Talk with the Representative of Turkish Airlines

On March 3, MDIS Tashkent welcomed Mr. Elyor Eshov, the Regional Marketing Representative of Turkish Airlines INC.

Mr. Eshov gave a speech on a topic of "Power of Branding" which raised a big interest among the students.  Over hundred students attended the lecture that day.

Mr. Eshov told the students about his career path, work and life experience and how he succeeded in both career and personal life. During the presentation, he spoke about the history and development of Turkish Airlines company and concluded it with a small quiz for the students.

In the end of the presentation, students asked Mr. Eshov about obstacles on his career path which he had to overcome and needed requirements for employment in a successful international company as Turkish Airlines.

"Friday Talk" event serves as an opportunity for the students of MDIS Tashkent to meet professionals and obtain firsthand information from them.