How to build a successful career in a leading international company

On March 2, 2017 Representatives of  "British American Tobacco, Uzbekistan"  Company made a presentation on "How to build a successful career in a leading international company" to MDIST students and graduands. 

Nafisa Hashimova, Head of HR, guided on basic requirements and opportunities offered by BAT Uzbekistan - internship programs, and informed potential candidates about further employment opportunities. 

About the company: British American Tobacco has been operating on Uzbekistan market since 1994 and employed more than 1,000 people. Total investments of British American Tobacco into Uzbek economy exceeded US$ 300 million.

British American Tobacco Uzbekistan aims to operate responsibly on all stages of its activity. The company realizes a number of social projects such as the «Dreams come true» by submitting grants to students from tobacco growers families, project «Artesian wells» for supplying drinking water, projects aimed at supporting the reconstruction of cultural and historical places and many others.