“Pearl of the East” at MDIS Tashkent

The first pageant "Pearl of The East" dedicated to the International Women's Day and the 10th Anniversary of MDIS Tashkent took place on 7th of March at Conference Hall of University.

The purpose of the pageant “Pearl of the East” is to discover and encourage the development of positive qualities and talents in young women. The main criteria that judges were relying on were intelligence, creativity, and sense of humor.

Contestants participated in the pageant were young enthusiastic ladies among MDIS Tashkent students with good academic performance and creative personality.

The Winner Award was given to Dilafruz Abdullaeva, who demonstrated the highest level of achievement that the given Award signified in accordance with the judging criteria.

The pageant consisted of four tasks. For the first task girls were required to prepare a video presentation about themselves and their ideas of the future self. For the second task, the contestants were required to present their handmade gifts for the 10th anniversary of MDIS Tashkent. Among the gifts were a cake and the drawings and pictures of the university made of various materials. During the third task, girls had to quickly give answers to tricky questions prepared by the organizers of the event. Lastly, the contestants presented to the audience and the judges their performances under the ‘Open Topic’ task.

The nominations were allocated as follows:
Dilafruz Abdullaeva - “Pearl of the East”
Dilnoza Eshpulatova – “Pearl of Beauty”
Shakhlo Omonullaeva – “Pearl of Creativity”
Gulsanam Rakhmonova – “Pearl of Intelligence”

The contestants were granted with special gifts from the sponsors of the event Mary Kay Company, Urban Food Restaurant and Safiya Pastry.