Friday Talk with Mr. Umid Mirzaakhmedov

Last Friday, on March 31st our guest of the weekly event Friday Talk was a lawyer, entrepreneur, manager and the owner of Marmalade Bar, Bruno Coffee House, The Three Palms but, above all, simply a very interesting person Mr. Umid Mirzaakhmedov.

The event raised a vast interest among the students due to its peculiar format. This time, our speaker held a workshop and provided an opportunity for the attendants to get a part-time job and become a member of his creative team.

Mr. Mirzaakhmedov told students the story of his professional development and how he dramatically changed his life at one particular moment from a highly distinguished legal expert in state body to a well-known businessman and entrepreneur. He shared some secrets of effective marketing solutions he used for successful launch of his projects.

In the end of the meeting, Mr. Mirzaakhmedov gave the students some business cases with further assessment of the candidates.

With his inspirational speech, Mr. Mirzaakhmedov encouraged the students not to afraid of experiments, to work hard and think outside of the box.

You can watch the broadcast we recorded, on our page below.