MDIS Tashkent and Uzbekistan Writers Council members held a discussion about a new Presidential Decree of the Republic of Uzbekistan № PD-4789

On 17th of May, MDIS Tashkent welcomed a writer, interpreter, and member of Uzbekistan Writers Council, Mrs. Makhsuda Akhmedova. Mrs. Akhmedova gave a speech on a recently adopted, new Presidential Decree of the Republic of Uzbekistan № PD-4789, the main purpose of which is an active promotion of encouragement and culture of reading. The students and the staff members were involved in the discussion of the topic about the necessity of books reading and the need for their wide distribution all over the country.
During the meeting held in Boardroom, the participants shared their opinion about the ways for the development of interest among people towards reading. They also discussed the necessity of national writers’ works popularization and translation of their works into foreign languages. 
Meetings of this kind are filled with a lot of useful information and they are necessary to support the development of education and culture of the country and its citizens.