Summer Development Course Comes to an End as a Fully Successful Project

Summer Development Course came to an end with Dr. Jasur Salikhov, Rector of MDIS Tashkent and Dean Andrew Chew personally honoring the Course participants with certificates of achievement on July 7th, 2017.  Depending on their interests, students attended and successfully passed the course exams in Finance, Personal and Professional Development, Business and Entrepreneurship through July 3rd- July 7th.

The main advantage of this Course consisted of supporting and enhancing student knowledge and experiences in those topics, which was of utmost interest to them. Topics explored in a great detail included “Fundamental Financial Operations”, “Writing a Business Plan”, “Emotional Intelligence in Every Day Professional Life” and few others.

During “Business and Entrepreneurship” classes, students shared on their own endeavors, achievements, and failures as entrepreneurs. They discussed current global and local business trends and actively debated their elements. As everyone agreed on the benefits of increasing efficient implementation of technological advancement in all spheres and connecting businesses with users in most convenient ways, it was a helpful coincidence that the concept of “Smart Cities” was analyzed by the “Electronic Government” system development center of Uzbekistan – on 6th of July. That same day and during the class students discussed and answered the center’s survey questions on smart cities while giving specific ideas and recommendations.

On the last day of classes, student Eldor Ruziev shared presentations of his start-up projects he has been working on since recently. Participants also had a chance to take Personality Tests and analyze their characters and skills, which may or may not correspond their professional choices. Throughout the course, they also enjoyed wonderful networking opportunities with each other and at its end, they enthusiastically shared their thoughts on the Summer Development Course:

“Hot discussions. New topics. Very interactive. Positive and fun atmosphere. Now I know how banks work and how to write a successful business plan. I also learned how to solve any problem using creative approach”. Anonymous.

“This course was really beneficial for me in many aspects. I realized and learned how much business and entrepreneurship is intertwined with everything else out there. Thank you for this amazing opportunity”.  Karalieva Mokhinur. 

“I am grateful to everyone who sweat over this project and look forward to the next Summer Development Course”. Muzaffarhon Ahmathonov.

While answering survey questions for feedback collection, all of the students mentioned they wished the course lasted longer. Organizers will carefully study all of their feedback and take those into consideration in the future.

The objectives of Summer Development Course had been fully accomplished and the course organizers and leaders were also granted with certificates of appreciation for their contribution to MDIST mission.