Beyond the dynamic work of Orientation Facilitators, the O-Week simply wouldn't be possible.

Orientation Facilitators Training was conducted by MDIS Tashkent Administration from September 4, 2016 to September 9, 2016.Orientation Facilitators were instructed in the goal of helping new students to participate, build relationships, and generally transition smoothly into MDIS Tashkent. They received training in how to facilitate small group community building and how to run activities with clear purpose and objectives. Orientation Facilitators, who are the backbone of the Orientation Week, connect with new students and create a welcoming community during the O-Week. They assist in the academic transition of new students through facilitating small seminars as well. They are responsible for the motivation, spirit, enthusiasm, good will, and cheer for all campus participants in Orientation Week. They focus on building community with their allocated groups throughout O-Week.

We believe there are ways that Orientation Facilitators can make a significant difference in the lives of freshmen as they come to the MDIST for the first time!