Clubs Fair Day at MDIS Tashkent

Once the new Academic Year has started, the Student Council launched its annual event Clubs Fair. The event took place on October, 5th near LRC. This year more than 20 clubs participated in the event. The number of participants increased compared to previous years and it shows the growth of interest in the development of students' life and entertainment among students. The fair is considered to be one of the most expected events. The aim of the event is to encourage students to be more active and decisive by collaborating closely with Students' Council.
The clubs like "Comedy Club", "Tourism Club", "Drama Club" and others have been introduced to the freshmen students of MDIS Tashkent. 
It should be noted that there was a great emphasis on language development and this year seven language clubs were launched.
The major goal of the event was to strengthen students' multi-functionality and desire to self-development.