Friday Talk with the Deputy Director of science and technology agency of Uzbekistan

On the 27th of October 2017 the Conference Hall of the MDIS in Tashkent welcomed the Deputy Director of Science and Technology Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan – Mr. Olimjon Tuychiyev.
Mr. Olimjon Tuychiyev is now organizing the Technology Transfer and Innovation Fair in the Agency, the development of international scientific and technical cooperation, and the coordination of the ICT divisions and the departments of Postgraduate Education. He delivered an informative and practical speech on the topic of “Scientific and Innovative activities in the Republic of Uzbekistan”. He also discussed significance of the contribution of current students to the scientific advancements of the country. He is currently working on the "Young Robotics" project and endeavouring to raise the interest of young people in robotics and to support talented young people. During the discussion, our students listened attentively to the young scientist’s experiences and asked several questions on current technological issues.