New Event: Navruz celebration

Mar/21 09:00

MDIS Tashkent Main Campus, Conference Hall

Spring festival of Navruz which falls on March 21

Navruz celebration. "Food festival-2016"

Monday, March 21, 2016 - 09:00

MDIS Tashkent Main Campus, Conference Hall

Detailed description of event

Spring festival of Navruz which falls on March 21, celebrated at the day when daytime and night are equal, a new solar cycle begins as well as a new astronomical year; thus, consequently the law of renewal enters its strength and traditionally foreshow the rebirth of nature and start of spring, hence the name Navruz means “New Day”. That is why Navruz for Central Asian and Iranian people is the same as the New Year for western part of the world. It is time for preparation of the main ceremonial meal from germinated wheat: sumalak.

Objectives of the event

On the 18th of March 2015 a spring holiday - “Navruz” was solemnized in MDIS Tashkent UniCampus. This sunny day was full of remarkable events. Majority number of students participated in different competitions like dance competition, serving the table, singing and etc. One of the notable moment during the Navruz celebration was table serving competition with participation of MDIS Tashkent Foundation Year Students. During this competition tables was plentifully served with the traditional Navruz dishes. Each table was served with the particular region dishes that in turn made every table outstanding and unique. This competition was judged by the guests from UK, Bangor and dean of MDIS Tashkent Venkatesh Naganathan. Judges reached every table and tasted food made by students. Groups 121 and 108 were announced as the winners of competition. Then, concert dedicated to the Navruz celebration was held where talented MDIS Tashkent students conducted musical and dance performances. Also, during the concert award ceremony was held, where football champions, competition winners and active students were awarded. After the concert ‘Sumalak’ and Plov which were prepared by MDIS Tashkent students and staff were handed out to the participants of event.

Navruz celebration finished with memorable party with traditional folk and national Uzbek songs.

Event contact information

Office: 101 Email: Office Phone: +(99871)2717700 Lab location: 28, Bunyodkor Ave., Chilanzar district, Tashkent,Uzbekistan