Most remarkable event of the year

On March 1st MDIS Tashkent hosted a Talent Show, a great event which brought together all talented and outstanding students of the Institute. The event was full of various performances, where participants displayed their unique features and talents. Students sang, danced, played musical instruments and even draw art pieces with paint cans. Most memorable performers were Karina Dermendji and her little friend Miguel with their dance, Islomjon Marufjonov and his masterpiece made of pins, board and threads, and songwriter Shirin Asilova with her song about MDIS Tashkent.

The winners of the contest are:

3rd place Mariya Tikhonova – a talented and graceful ballerina with her Carmen Suite Ballet performance.

2nd place – Gafur Masharipov – the performer with a brilliant voice, who’s touching song brought tears to most listeners' eyes.

And the absolute winner is – Murodjon Murodov, a very intelligent student who could solve 5 different types of Rubik’s cube within few minutes (he even did it with his eyes closed).

In addition, a special gift was presented to Karina and her little dog Miguel, for their outstanding performance.

MDIS Tashkent would like to extend its gratitude to all performers for such a colorful and unforgettable show.