Friday Talk with Sarvar Ruzmatov

On March 02, 2018 MDIS Tashkent welcomed an intelligent person, Sarvar Ruzmatov, founder and CEO of Payme - payment platform that allows online transactions between Uzcard cardholders and helps to monitor payments. 
Mr. Ruzmatov was delighted to share the story of launching a Payme platform with students, he talked about what factors encouraged him to implement his idea. He said that creating a market place for e-commerce was the initial idea for his start-up. However, after researching the business environment and discussing with local bank representatives, it was clear that no internet acquiring existed at that time, and initial idea was postponed for a later time and instead, Payme payment platform was released. Until 2016, it operated in B2B segment only, after 2016 it expanded its operation to a broader spectrum.
Mr. Ruzmatov also made a presentation on the topic “Product thinking” where he explained difference of Ux and Cx (User Experience and Customer Experience) operations strategies, and pointed out both pros and cons of each strategy with real life examples of leading company products such as Apple Music vs Spotify, FitBit vs Apple Watch. 
After the presentation, Mr. Ruzmatov participated in Q&A session with students, where he answered interesting questions regarding current trends among international payment platforms; most used programming languages and ecommerce development strategies in Uzbekistan.

MDIS Tashkent students and team express sincere gratitude to Mr. Ruzmatov for such an informative and educatory presentation and hope for future cooperation.