Guest lecture with Aziz Halikov

On March 27, 2018, MDIS Tashkent welcomed Aziz Halikov – experienced trader, the founder, and CEO of “Az Capital” Investment Company and the CEO of Gerchik & Co Partner Office in Uzbekistan. 
Mr. Halikov was delighted to share his success story of becoming an experienced trader, challenges he faced when he started his journey and factors that contributed to his growth in this field. He also pointed out important tips and hints of successful traders and mentioned the history of the company Gerchik & Co, and how he became a part of this company. Mr. Halikov also presented to students a percent allocation management module, also known as PAMM software, commonly used by foreign exchange brokers in trading. 
In addition, Mr. Halikov discussed terms “aggressive trading” and “trading income average” and highlighted that every successful investor needs a professional trader.
During the session, students participated in Q&A session where Mr. Halikov provided real-life numerical examples of investment and return ratio.
Students were excited and happy about having a chance to participate in the lecture with such a genius intelligent as Aziz Halikov. 
MDIS Tashkent team expresses its sincere appreciation to Mr. Aziz Halikov for the visit and his informative lecture and wishes growth in his career as a professional trader.