9th of May - The Day of Memory and Honour

On 9th of May Uzbekistan celebrates the Day of Memory and Honour, the holiday of reverent respect, pride and profound gratitude.

It has already become a beautiful tradition for MDIS Tashkent to celebrate “The Day of Memory and Honour”, a day when all of us, young and old, commemorate the sacrifice that our ancestors made to protect our Motherland.

On 7th of May, MDIS Tashkent students and administration visited and praised the veterans who made an invaluable contribution to the victory against Nazism during the World War II. The veterans reminisced the past days and shared their life stories with students. It was a great opportunity for students and faculty members to learn more about the epoch of their ancestors, see the war-time photos and feel deeply the value of peace in our country.

MDIS Tashkent would like to congratulate all the World War II Veterans with the Day of Memory and Honour and convey its deep appreciation and gratitude for what you have done for the younger generations. Your heroic deeds will never be forgotten!