MDIS Tashkent is getting ready for the first Online Mathematics Test

We kindly remind you that the OMT (Online Mathematics Test) will be held in the premises of MDIS Tashkent within the period from July 25 to 28, 2018. 
The test will be conducted remotely by the Management Development Institute of Singapore (the Republic of Singapore).
The transparency of the testing process for the general public and parents of applicants will be ensured through video surveillance available in the premises of the Institute and online broadcasting of the examination process through the MDIS Tashkent YouTube channel.
It should be noted, that conducting the test online is a novelty of the year 2018. Earlier, the entrance examinations on Mathematics and English used to be conducted in a written format and further checked at MDIS (Republic of Singapore). This year, the Online Mathematics Test will be held in the Main Hall of the Institute. The duration of the test is 60 minutes, and is followed by instant automatic processing and printout of the result. 
As usual, the examination process will be administered by the representatives of MDIS (the Republic of Singapore). In addition, a special public committee composed of the representatives of Khokimiat, Mahalla Committee, the Youth Union and the Kengash of People's Deputies of Chilanzar district will monitor the exam process.