MDIS Tashkent Orientation Week

September 19-21, MDIS Tashkent Orientation Week.

The Orientation Week Programme was designed around newcomers, helping them to uncover the answers to the questions regarding MDIS Tashkent rules, and providing information about campus resources, programs and services.  

The OWeek has become an opportunity for the newly accepted MDIST'ers to learn how to navigate campus and get along with MDIS Tashkent community. 

During the OWeek the new students were introduced to the  learning schedule, housing and food options, learning resources, career opportunities and research councelling, student social life, student support services and many other campus resources.

Additionally, during the Orientation programme, Foundation Year students learned tips from students, faculty and staff members, who will serve as guides during academic journey at MDIS Tashkent. The Orientation Week Leaders and Student Volunteers were around throughout the programme ready to answer questions about life on campus.

Dear Foundation Year students!

MDIS Tashkent team welcomes and congratulates you on your acceptance to the Institute!