Friday Talk with Bakhriddin Chustiy

On September 27, 2018 MDIS Tashkent students and staff welcomed Bakhriddin Chustiy, a famous Uzbek Chef, restaurateur and culinary blogger, the founder of website and Chustiy's Cuisine restaurant, and the participant of the Guinness World Records Awardee record pilaf in Tashkent in 2017. 
The guest talked about his undertakings in the field of culinary and restaurant business, shared his experience of creating a personal brand from the scratch and important steps in launching a restaurant. The guest has also discussed about potential risks of running the business and the state of the industry as a whole. An emphasis was placed on the need to further popularize the national Uzbek cuisine and promote greater cooperation with tourism industry.
MDIS Tashkent team expresses its sincere gratitude to Mr. Bakhriddin Chustiy for such a fascinating speech and wishes him the best of success in business.