Professional Thursday with Nargis Dustmatova

Nov/01 15:00 - Nov/01 16:30

MDIS Tashkent Boardroom

Thursday, November 1, 2018 -
15:00 to 16:30

MDIS Tashkent Boardroom

Dear All!

You are welcome to attend the Professional Thursday Talk with Ms. Nargis Dustmatova, a graduate of Saïd Business School (Oxford University) and the Harvard Business School.

At current, Ms. Nargis Dustmatova is an expert at the Buyuk Kelajak Council and a managing director and the founder of the ITCC Solutions Group based in London and Tashkent.

The session will provide an excellent opportunity for students and graduates to discuss the challenging issues in banking and finance and 'Fintech'.

In addition, the session will provide the employment opportunity for those who wish to prove themselves in the abovementioned fields.