A Field Trip to “Akfa Medline Medical Centre”

On October 31, 2018, MDIS Tashkent students made a Field Trip to “Akfa Medline Medical Centre”. The trip was organized by Mr. Bobir Odilov, the tutor of Introduction to Business Management.

During a guided tour, students were introduced to the facilities of Akfa Medline. In addition, a presentation about the company’s background and management functions provided a clear overview on organizational structure and the company's strategy. 

 “An inspiration and knowledge the students have obtained today, gave a great deal of motivation to all of them,” stated the event organizer - Mr. Bobir Odilov.

MDIS Tashkent expresses its sincere gratitude to the “Akfa Medline Medical Centre” for a captivating excursion and is looking forward to further cooperation with the company.

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