MDIS Tashkent MBA Talks

On Friday, February 15th, MDIS Tashkent hosted the presentation of MBA programmes, provided jointly with the University of Sunderland (UK).

The Master of Business Administration course is a career changer that aims to accelerate the promotion to well-paid positions in management, develop priceless management skills and get a free access to a large business and alumni network.

The Sunderland MBA offers a varied programme of lectures and applied learning through seminars, workshops and corporate engagement. Teaching methods include lectures, seminars, class discussions, case studies, group work, presentations and applied study. The programme is modular in design (8 modules) and covers all of the main areas of management within a balanced curriculum.

The presentation was conducted by the MBA International Flying Faculty representatives, along with MDIS Tashkent Heads of Business and Tourism Schools and MBA Programm Alumni, and followed by a Q&A and networking session where the guests were consulted on the matters of their interest.