International Conference on “Investments and entrepreneurship: challenges and prospects”

On May 7th, 2019, MDIS Tashkent hosted an International Conference on “Investments and entrepreneurship: challenges and prospects” 

The objective of the international conference was to explore contemporary approaches in entrepreneurship and evaluate the importance of investments in economic and social sectors, addressing these issues from the point of view of both mature and young researchers and practitioners. 

The conference was attended by the guests from South Korea, India, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Spain and Uzbekistan. 
The event addressed the following topics: 
• Investment into education; 
• Financial resources for business activities; 
• Social entrepreneurship (education, healthcare, social security); 
• Experience in innovative entrepreneurship development; 
• Patterns and trends in modern entrepreneurship development; 
• Legal aspects of entrepreneurship and self-employment development; 
• Entrepreneurial competencies development in foreign economic activity; 
• Theory and methodology of ensuring the competitiveness of business structures.

The conference focused on the discussion of up-to-date problems in business and education and provided an opportunity for scientists, and professionals from Uzbekistan, Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan and USA to highlight the problems and suggest the solutions. 

In addition, the event became an excellent opportunity for network expansion and experience exchange.