Guest lecture with Mr.Alessandro Fiorentino

On April 22, 2019, Tourism School, School of Business and Management, RICC and MDIS Tashkent Tourism Innovation Co-Learning Center organized a guest lecture with Mr.Alessandro Fiorentino, an experienced strategy and services marketing professional with strong experience in luxury hospitality, tourism and transport. 
Mr.Alessandro Fiorentino has also worked in Italy and abroad in the private and public sector in the areas of strategy development, marketing management, international business development, market research, organizational design and capacity building. His senior level experience ranges from family owned businesses to large organizations such as Deloitte Consulting and Trenitalia, and includes serving as member of the Board of Directors in different companies.

Mr. Alessandro Fiorentino delivered a presentation on “Luxury Tourism”. He explained the concept of luxury tourism, and its importance for travelers. The guest also shared his personal and professional experience and observations on Tourism sphere and provided some useful information about tourism industry in Italy.

MDIS Tashkent team expresses its sincere gratitude to Mr. Alessandro Fiorentino for such a fascinating presentation and wishes him the best of success in his undertakings.