Research Methods in Social Sciences with Dr. Alisher Dedahanov

Within the framework of the conference "Investments and entrepreneurship: challenges and prospects" held in Management Development Institute of Singapore in Tashkent on May 7, 2019, Dr. Dedahanov conducted a workshop for MDIS Tashkent academic staff and students. 

The workshop highlighted the quantitative and qualitative research methods in social sciences. 

In addition, Dr. Dedahanov talked about: 
•  How to identify research gaps;
•  How to create an effective research model;
•  How to write compelling introduction, literature review and hypotheses development parts of research articles. 

Moreover, Dr. Dedahanov presented one of his research works entitled “Cultural Dimensions and Prohibitive Voice: The mediating Role of Conflict Avoidance”.

MDIS Tashkent expresses its sincere gratitude to Dr. Dedahanov and wishes him the best of success in his future research.