Guest Lecture with Mr. Tom Palmer and Mr. Yaroslav Romanchuk

December 11, 2019. MDIS Tashkent hosted a Guest Lecture with widely recognized specialists on international economics - Mr. Tom Palmer, the Executive Vice President at Atlas Network International Programs and Mr. Yaroslav Romanchuk, the Head of the Mises Research Center (Republic of Belarus). The esteemed guests presented a research on the progress of economic freedom in CIS countries and discussed the tangible impact of expanding economic liberty on a global scale, where free markets provide greater opportunities for education, innovation and progress and enjoy more prosperity as a result.

MDIS Tashkent extends its sincere gratitude to Mr. Tom Palmer and Mr. Yaroslav Romanchuk for presentation and is looking forward to future cooperation.

Special appreciation to «ISLOHOTLAR VEKTORI»/«ВЕКТОР РЕФОРМ» Center for Economic Development and Mrs. Larina Khodjabagyan in person for organizing the experts' visit.