Online MDIS English Test
(Entrance Examination)
Test Dates: starting from July 15, 2020 
Registration dates: July 7 (from 9:00) - July 9 (till 17:00), 2020 
In order to sit for MDIS English Test, the candidate is requested to: 
1. Register for the test at:

2. Upload the following documents during the registration process:

Official letter to Rector (Request letter) (PDF); Download it from here:

Passport (including permanent registration page of the passport) (PDF);

Diploma with transcripts, translated into English and notarized (PDF);

Photo (3.5×4.5 sized) (JPEG).


1. Each candidate is allowed to register once only, if the candidate fails to upload any of the documents requested above, the application will be rejected automatically.

2. Each application will be reviewed and the authorized candidates will recieve an email from the Institute, notifying on the payment permission and details.

3. Each candidate is given one test attempt only. June test candidates are not allowed to register and sit for July test.


I. The candidate must ensure the presence of the following equipment and Internet connection parameters to sit for the Online MDIST English Test: 
1. PASSPORT (original)
2. Laptop (with web camera and microphone) or a Personal Computer with external web camera and microphone;  
3. Internet connection speed not less than 1Mbit/s (for external channel);  
4. ZOOM Application installed to their PC/Laptop (click here to download the app).  
II. The candidate must abide by the following rules: 
1. Ensure their timely video and audio presence during the Online Test and Online Interview (the candidate must be present at least 20 minutes before the scheduled start of the exam – in case of late arrival, the candidate will not be allowed to sit for the Test); 
2. Arrange the personal test room setup in a well-lighted area with no virtual background;
3. No additional software shall be run during the test. We recommend using only Chrome and Firefox browsers.
III. If the candidate fails to fulfill one of the above stated requirements, the Online Test results shall be cancelled with no fee refund.