Dear Applicants!

Please find hereunder the contract collection rules for the period from July 10 to August 1, 2020.
(updated due to the additional quarantine measures imposed)

The applicant’s documents pack can also be sent via the delivery/postal service. 

In case of delivery, the applicant shall indicate their return address (or parents' work address and full name) on the document package/envelope. 

After checking the documents pack, the contract can be collected personally by the applicant, or sent by the Institute via mail/delivery service to the respective address, indicated by the applicant.

Note: MDIS Tashkent administration is not responsible for the document loss due to the delivery service breakdown or incorrect return address stated by the applicant.

Applicants must submit the original copies of the following documents to collect the contract:

- Official letter to MDIS Tashkent Rector;

- 2 photocopies of passport (with permanent registration);

- IELTS (original certificate), not applicable for MDIS English Test candidates;

- Medical certificate (form №086) can be submitted by September 2020;

- Photocopy of military recruit registration card (male applicants, citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan);

- 2 photos (3.5х4.5 sized);

- General Education Diploma (with transcripts) from Secondary School/Academic Lyceum/Professional College.

Note: each side covers its own mailng/delivery expenses

Eligible Financial Status - Candidates must be financially credible to pay the tuition fee for their studies on the set payment schedule.

Applicant who fails to collect the contract within the set schedule or fails to make the payment within 10 banking days from the date of contract issuance in the amount of 50%, the contract becomes void and will not be reissued to the same applicant. Hence, former applicant's place will be given to another applicant in rolling basis and subject to approval by MDIS.