Research Academic Journal


Research has often been a practical and systematic work that was undertaken to increase knowledge, compile empirical findings, study and test validity of particular facts and problems. MDIS Tashkent (MDIST), an institution that focuses on contemporary business and management issues, aims to strengthen its knowledge potential by development, promotion and publication of research articles in various business and management subjects: marketing, finance, tourism & hospitality, business management, entrepreneurship, ICT, etc.

MDIST launches a peer-reviewed and scholarly research journal that would enable publication of business articles by the teaching staff of MDIST, local business practitioners, business scholars from other local and foreign academic institutions in order to attract undergraduate and postgraduate students’ interest, PhD students and researchers, as well as other business academic community in Uzbekistan.



The language of the journal is English, and it is published both in hard and soft copy versions.  The intention to publish a MDIST research journal is driven by the desire to contribute with empirical knowledge and research findings to business practitioners, students, scholars and teaching staff. To accomplish it, the following objectives are set and would be pursued:


  1. Addressing the critical issues in the business field that would be relevant to use both for students and university teachers;
  2. Assisting students at different levels and institutions as well as other interested parties to have access to business research findings and articles;
  3. Providing opportunities for local and international university teachers and researchers to disseminate their empirical knowledge and practical findings evident in the international arena and a local business environment (Uzbekistan and the Central Asia);
  4. Promoting quality, accessibility and practicality in the journal in order to provide a wider business and academic audience.


The journal’s scope of interest is wide, and it is suggested to cover research topics related to Business and Economics field: marketing, management, banking and finance, project and supply management, entrepreneurship and IT.